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The Children's Guardian Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit tax exempt child safety organization founded in 2004.

CGF's current mission is to prevent pedestrian deaths, injuries and near misses especially to children as they cross the busy streets on their way to and from school.

We have a major safety problem in the United States. Every year far too many lives are lost and changed forever as a result of pedestrian traffic accidents. Our children represent far too many of these statistics. Past Transportation Secretary Ray La Hood
on April 27, 2012 stated, "Distracted Driving has become a deadly epidemic and we need to work together to stop thousands of unnecessary injuries and deaths every year".

Statistic Examples:
It's 7:33am, 6 year old Nicolas Sommerfield is finishing up his breakfast while his father is preparing for their daily walk to the elementary school in San Francisco where Nicolas attends.

8:43am, only an hour after young Nicolas was playing with his cheerios, that terrifying sound of screeching brakes and tires is heard. Young Nicolas is run down.

The six-year-old boy and his father were struck down at a school crosswalk by a motorist. Although the driver was traveling at a safe speed, the small child suffered severe head trauma. Young Nicolas was pronounced dead.

8th grader Emily kandemir, a straight A student was hit and killed at a crosswalk on her way to school. 3 year old Alexander Cruz who was holding his grandfather's hand when he was brutally run down on his way to pre-school.

Crossing Guard Byron Brown of Sacramento was hit in the intersection while helping children cross the street to elementary school. The day after Byron was killed on the job, parents demanded changes. "We've been trying to get something done. Unfortunately, it takes something like this", said school principal Warren.

The "Crosswalk Guardian".

The "Crosswalk Guardian" is a state of art hand held very bright flashing stop sign. It was designed with a visible safety alert so that oncoming motorists can react and stop sooner. The highly developed features are the very bright red flashing light located at the top of the sign and designed with reflective material on both sides for high visibility in all weather conditions. They really grab the attention of oncoming motorists. Each sign has a built in automatic on/off switch. Lightweight with easy grip handle to fit any size hand, each sign is rechargeable and each sign comes with a power supply charger (don't have to change batteries). Makes an immediate impact to help save children's lives.
Crosswalk Guardian Program:
The "Crosswalk Guardians" are being used by crossing guards, by teachers for walking field trips, in school for emergency drills and lockdowns, used by drivers of school buses in case of accidents to help transport children to safety , for night events such as open house and in bad weather such as rain, fog, snow, early darkness, the "Crosswalk Guardians" are more effective than what is being used now. The features allow less distraction and make it easier for motorists to react sooner & stop. They help the crossing guards and school officials to give the undivided attention our children need and deserve while crossing the busy streets. The Crosswalk Guardian helps to make sure our loved ones come home safe.
Working Model:
CGF worked very close with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department & its Community Services Section & completed its contract with the City of Las Vegas, City of Henderson and Boulder City, also outlying areas. 800+ "Crosswalk Guardians" were donated through grants & contributions to law enforcement, public elementary and middle schools & "Crosswalk Guardians" were used exclusively. The city of Redondo Beach, Ca. is now using "Crosswalk Guardians" in all their communities. The City of Torrance, CA and NLV has expressed interest for all their communities. The positive response from city officials, school officials, pedestrians, motorists, law enforcement, parents, teachers & students has been overwhelming with endorsement and testimonials to the safety effectiveness of the "Crosswalk Guardians".
CGF looks to Business & Industry large & small, Service Organizations such as Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, All PTA's, Government Support is Needed  Grants and Concerned Individuals to contribute and help the Children's Guardian Foundation to complete our mission. By Contributing to CGF you can make sure your Local Communities are Safe From Injury and Fatality. Through your contributions we can donate "Crosswalk Guardians" to your elementary schools, middle schools, crossing guard programs and law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. CGF needs everyone's help to eliminate this major safety problem and protect our most precious gift,  Our Children. School Sponsorship and Donations Needed. "Together We Can Make A Difference".
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