About Us

Children's Guardian Foundation 
P.O. Box 531298
Henderson, NV 89053

Phone: 702.809.7038
Email: cgf2@cox.net

Ron Starkman - Founder and
Executive Director
The Children’s Guardian Foundation is a 501c3 tax exempt non profit child safety organization founded in 2004 to lead the battle against children's injuries, diseases, abandonment and hunger.

The Children's Guardian Foundation's current mission is the "Crosswalk Guardian" program. CGF is committed to make pedestrians, especially children safe and free from injury and fatality while crossing the busy streets at neighborhood school crossings.

Our goal through tax deductible contributions is to provide/donate “Crosswalk Guardians” to all elementary schools, middle schools, law enforcement and crossing guard programs in the United States. We need your help in each community to achieve this mission.

Partnering with CGF in such an important much needed program improves the safety, advances the cause, gives back fulfillment, civic pride, community responsibility, and especially saving children's lives.

  • Ron Starkman - Founder/Executive Director
  • Scott Winters - Corporate Fund Raising Director   
  • Sterling McPherson - Corporate Fund Raising
  • Joe Szukala - Community Business Specialist
  • Helen Estrada - Community/Business Specialist
  • Priscilla Taylor - Special Events and Gala
  • April Santos - Fund Raising - Eastern Region
  • Julie Winters - Community Business Specialist
  • Adrian Proctor - Community Service Business Specialist
  • Tom Mancini - Supervisor/ Fund Raising
  • Brian Goodrich - Research




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