Our History

The Children's Guardian Foundation began in 2004 when a child got hit by a car in a crosswalk while walking to her local school. An overcast day, poor child safety equipment, a hand held stop sign a little larger than a ping pong paddle and a distracted motorist not paying attention. The child survived with injuries, but research shows many children don't survive.

From that accident the Children's Guardian Foundation was formed as a 501c3 non-profit child safety organization in 2004. Research and development immediately started to create a hand held safety device that would grab the attention of motorists in any type of weather so they can react and stop sooner.

We challenged ourselves to raise the standards of the traffic safety devices being used by the elementary schools, middle schools, crossing guard programs and law enforcement agencies.

The Children's Guardian Foundation's traffic safety device was named the "Crosswalk Guardian". A state of the art hand held stop sign with a very bright flashing red light.

Each year we were getting closer to our safety goal, to stop the needless injury and fatality to pedestrians, especially children at our neighborhood school crossings/ To make sure motorists were aware of children crossing the streets by alerting the motorists to react and stop sooner.

We started working very close with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and LVMPD Community Services Section supervised by Helen Lawhon. Helen supervised over 400+ crossing guards, LVMPD is one of the largest, best and respected Crossing Guard Programs in the United States. 6+ months of field research followed.

Through all of our efforts working together to find a solution to help solve this major safety problem, the "Crosswalk Guardian" was put to the test. With the support of the Mayor, City Officials, School Officials, Law Enforcement, Look Out Kids About and Safe Routes to School Organizations, the "Crosswalk Guardian" program was launched and used exclusively in the City of Las Vegas, City of Henderson, Boulder City, outlying areas and major cities throughout the country.

The response from city officials, school officials, law enforcement agencies, motorists, parents, teachers, and students was overwhelming to the safety effectiveness of the "Crosswalk Guardian" hand held flashing stop sign.

The "Crosswalk Guardian" very bright flashing stop sign's effectiveness in bad weather visibility was more effective than what was being used previously.

With Distracted Driving becoming an epidemic, we need everyone's help to take the Children's Guardian Foundation's "Crosswalk Guardian" Program to every community across the United States and help stop this Distracted Driving Epidemic and major pedestrian safety problem to make sure our loved ones come home safe.

Children are our most precious gift and our future.

"Together we can make a difference".

Ron Starkman
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