• Congressman Joe Heck Support and Endorsement Letter
  • Redondo Beach PD Press Release

  • Torrance Police Department Support Letter

The New Year is upon us and with that comes the winter season, snow, sleet, ice, rain, fog and the crowded crosswalks with children and the motorists driving in a hurry.

Distracted Driving has become an epidemic in the country.

Drivers on cell phones are as bad as drunks driving.
Drivers on cell phones are 18% slower to react.
Drivers on cell phones having an accident are 4 times greater.

Distracted Driving is unsafe, irresponsible and in the blink of an eye, its consequences can be devastating. The Children's Guardian Foundation's "Crosswalk Guardian" Program can help stop the needless injuries and fatalities to pedestrians, especially our children at  busy neighborhood school crossings. We all need to work together to help stop this epidemic and make sure our loved ones come home safe every day.

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